Vintage Rare Mid-Century Scandinavian Brutalist Birch Sideboard with Long Teak Handles , 1960s


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This rare sideboard was made in Scandinavia during the 1960s. It is finished with birch wood with a strong and irregular grain and a characteristic earthy color, where browns and grays merge in contrasts of varying intensity. This sideboard has two cabinets with shelves. In the middle there is a vertically opening bar-cabinet. The wooden, long handles are made of teak and emphasize the strong design of the furniture. The base is made of wooden legs with a rounded finish. The piece of furniture is handmade, with attention to every detail. This is an example of a craft work, probably created as a custom design. A detail that proves no mass production is, for example, a cutout in a shelf through which a barge hinge passes. To close it, you must slightly lift the hinge upwards. The brutal, raw form of the sideboard is combined with the modernist style of the base, which gives the design a lightness. Elements made of natural wood in a thoughtful and sustainable way tame heavy aesthetics. Noteworthy is also the edge, which is a contradiction to the popular method of furniture design. In this design, the edge extends beyond the frame of the furniture, facing the outside. This feature proves the high craftsmanship skills of the contractor, intelligence in the selection of materials and the no sterile thinking of the designer.

The sideboards has been partially restored keeping it’s natural patina. This is a piece of furniture finished according to the rules of the Upcycled Vintage course. Its form is original and dates from the 20th century, but the final finish has been changed by artistic invention or composition of parts from different original object. All treatment are performed by traditional methods, are consistent with the aesthetic of the age from which the furniture comes from and support the Zero Waste idea.

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