Elegant Mid-Century Swedish Low Rosewood Geometric Console with Drawers & Hand-Painted Pattern, 1960s


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The low console was produced in Sweden in the 60’s. Made of precious rosewood. The geometric shape is set on turned legs. Its form is a model example of Scandinavian design. Functionality is ensured by three drawers. Front decorated with artistic painting in line with the design concept from the North. It mimics the harlequin pattern, often smuggled in various forms. The painting is made directly on the wood, its texture is also visible.

The cabinet has been partially restored keeping it’s natural patina. This is a piece of furniture finished according to the rules of the Upcycled Vintage course. Its form is original and dates from the 20th century, but the final finish has been changed by artistic invention or composition of parts from different original object. All treatment are performed by traditional methods, are consistent with the aesthetic of the age from which the furniture comes from and support the Zero Waste idea.

This piece contain materials that are subject to a set of international regulations known as CITES, which ensure the international trade of certain specimens of wild animals and plants don’t endanger their survival. The most up-to-date list can be found CITES website. Shipping across international borders could delay your purchase, because we need extra time to obtain any required permits. Note that shipments within the EU commercial zone are considered domestic and not subject to CITES regulations. The 1stdibs not handle shipping CITES order, the transport will be organize by our logistic team. Please, contact us before order.

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