Original Silver Art Deco Cocktail Shaker by Józef Fraget, 1930s


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A three-piece cocktail shaker manufactured by one of the oldest factories in Warsaw, Poland: Józef Fraget’s Silver and Plated Products Factory. A bottle for coctails was the name of Fraget’s first coctail shakers, which appeared in the catalog in 1930. The product was made in the Art Deco style. The signature on the underside relates to the electroplating of silver. Inside the oval there is an inscription in Polish FRAGET W WARSZAWIE. The letter N denotes the normal thickness of silver deposited on the metal surface, usually brass. The inscription GALW in the cartouche is an abbreviation of the Polish word GALWANIZACJA, which explains the deposition of silver. Inside the small oval is the coat of arms of the boiler and bronze corporation (two crossed hammers with compasses).

The factory was founded in 1824 by two French businessmen, brothers Alphonse and Józef Fraget. Around 1845, Alphonse Fraget left the company and returned to France, and Joseph became the sole owner of a company that survived until 1939. Józef Fraget traveled around Europe and studied the latest technology for silver electroplating on copper and brass used by Christofle & Co. in Paris. It was there that the cylinder electroplating technology invented by Roult and Elkington caught his attention. Fraget bought a patent and brought a specialist who knew this technology to Warsaw. Fraget’s factory equipped in this way has almost immediately become a valued supplier of exquisite silver and plating for the rich elite, aristocracy and the most influential people in Poland and in the world. Józef Fraget died in 1867 and his son Julian Fraget became the manager of the company. The company was handed down from generation to generation. In 1939, with the occupation of Poland by the Nazis, Fraget ceased production. After World War II, in 1945, the factory was reopened and then nationalized. Finally, in 1965, Fraget was merged with another Henneberg brothers’ silver foundry in Warsaw, creating a new state-owned company HEFRA, which to this day is the only Polish company that produces cutlery, tableware, silver and plated items. The products are made by hand, and the brand remains faithful to its original image, which is Polish luxury.

The shaker is in original vintage condition. It has a natural patina.

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