Vintage Danish Modern Leather Monza Lounge Chair by Jens Juul Eilersen for Niels Eilersen, 1970s



This large Monza armchair was designed by Jens Juul Eilersen and manufactured during 1970s by Niels Eilersen, a very well regarded Danish furniture maker. The armchair is upholstered with gorgeous supple grey leather with natural patina. The large cushions bring a softness to the edgier frame, resulting in a piece that’s visually intriguing and powerful. The cushions fixed with a zipper can be easily removed. The overall shape is unexpected yet utterly inviting. This armchairs are beckoning to sit and lounge in style. Moreover, the quality of the leather is fantastic and it is an incredibly well made and very comfortable piece of furniture.

Established in 1895 by Niels Eilersen, the company initially produced horse carriages. Eilersen was the first in Denmark to use steam to shape wood. Since the 1930s, N. Eilersen A/S has been producing furniture with an emphasis on the highest quality materials, comfort and durability. This strategy has made Eilersen A/S a well-known and recognizable brand both at home and abroad, and several sofa models bear the label of the most modern. N. Eilersen A/S is a family business. Innovation and tradition continue to be their hallmark.

Jens Juul Eilersen has been responsible for project development at N. Eilersen A/S since the mid-1960s. All his designs are created in accordance with the Golden Ratio, where classic geometric conditions guarantee balance and harmony both in terms of functionality and expression. Jens Juul Eilersen designed the Monza series, which is rightly called a classic. Jens was passionate about precise calculations, which is clearly visible in his designs, which are created thanks to careful proportions and the craftsmanship of using only the best materials.

The armchair is in original vintage condition. The leather has traces of age, pigment changes and scrapes. The seat is 41 cm high.

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