Mid-Century Modern Italian Mid-Century Modern Rounded Walnut Sideboard with Black & White Pattern, 1960s


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This rare rounded on both sides sideboard was produced in Italy during the 1960s. This piece is made of dark walnut wood with irregular and strong graining. It has two cabinets with shelves and a pair of sliding doors in the middle. The round handles are made of wood. The front is decorated with a hand-painted, geometric pattern in black and white. The base consists of four compass legs in shadows of black. Walnut wood has high aesthetic values, and is an ideal material for the furniture production. It is characterized by great elegance. The aging process of walnut furniture has a positive effect on its appearance and perfect match into many different interior arrangements, both modern and vintage.

The sideboard has been partially restored keeping its natural patina. This is a piece of furniture finished according to the rules of the Upcycled Vintage course. Its form is original and dates from the 20th century, but the final finish has been changed by artistic invention or composition of parts from different original object. All treatments are performed by traditional methods, are consistent with the aesthetic of the age from which the furniture comes from and support the Zero Waste idea.


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