Vintage Hand-Woven Hamadan Rug from Ikea, 1960s


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This hand-woven oriental Hamadan rug was made in Iran during the 1960s for Ikea. Traditionally woven – flat and dyed in shades of rustic red and indigo blue. The carpet is woven around Hamadan in northwestern Persia. These carpets are hard knotted in shiny wool and are of high quality. The most common colors are red and blue with patterns containing nomadic elements and geometric motifs. There are also medallion motifs. Hand-woven carpets are made using techniques that give parts structural integrity. They are made of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of threads tied to a cotton or woolen rug base. Hand-knotted rugs are made by passing the warp through the weft of the carpet multiple times. These techniques ensure that each part of the carpet is an integral part of the carpet structure and is less prone to falling apart. Different types of carpets produced in Iran are most often named after the names of the regions and places where they are produced, for example, Hamadan, Kerman or Shiraz, or the names of the nomadic tribes involved in their production. The traditional art of Persian carpet weaving is Iran’s national cultural heritage. In 2010, the art of weaving carpets from Fars and Kashan were entered on the UNESCO intangible heritage list.

This carpet is in original vintage condition. It has signs of age-related wear. The carpet will be professionally cleaned and ready for use before it is shipped.

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