Mid-Century Modern Canadian Ceramic Figurine of Bird of Paradise from Blue Mountain Pottery, 1970s


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This rare bird figurine with an extended, slim neck was made by the Canadian Blue Mountain Pottery manufacture in the 1970s. The glaze underneath is almost black, but reveals an iridescent sheen of smooth blues and greens for an artistic contrast. The variety of colors and the influence of gravity on the glaze evoke the imagination of the boreal forests surrounding the Blue Mountains, from which the creators of this collection drew their inspiration. Both the color and shape of the figurines have a noble, modernist form. An interesting property of the glaze is that it is not dull. If bright light falls on the figurine, the brown clay tones on the underside will begin to show through. This particular form of bird has been available as part of the Blue Mountain Pottery collection since the 1970s.

Blue Mountain Pottery was a Canadian pottery company based in Collingwood, Ontario. It was founded in 1953 by Dennis Tupy and Jozo Weider, and closed in 2004. The production of red clay products began in 1953-1954. Subsequently, various types of pottery were produced, from animal figurines to jugs, pots and vases. The company’s products have a large fan base and are collected all over the world. They gave rise to the Blue Mountain Ceramics Collectors’ Club. The elements of this ceramics have a unique, trademarked glazing process called flow decoration. Two different liquid glazes were applied, one light and one dark. During the firing process, the glazes rolled down, creating unique streaks for each element. Blue Mountain ceramic figurines are available in traditional shades of green, but also in gold, cobalt, mocha, pewter, red and brown.

The figurine is in original vintage condition.

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