Antique Hand-Knotted Baluch Rug, 1920s


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This antique handmade Baluch rug was manufactured in the beginning of 20th. The rug is in traditional deeply red colour with geometric, tribal pattern. This hand-knotted carpet is unique, has a beauty colour harmony and therefore a work of art in itself. Baluch rugs are woven in the wider area of Baluchistan, which covers the south eastern province of Baluchistan in Iran, near the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Baluchi rugs are tribal by nature and are initially made to be used inside tribal tents which are often mobile and move from one place to another. It has a decorative kelims on the short sides to protect the carpet against wear. The long sides consist of many cables, made with mixture of wool, goat and horse hairs. The warp is made of natural wool. The workmanship is of high quality. This rug is tight and thin and give a real feeling of genuine nomadic handicraft (approx. 250.000 knots per square metre). The carpet is made in small sizes with lively patterns, you can use it with another rug in line with the “carpet on the carpet” trend.

This piece is in original antique condition with traces of use, patina consistent with the age and scrapes.

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