Vintage Turkish Rug – overdyed dyed


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The rug was made from an old Turkish rug and stained with the technique overdyed in Egypt. Originally it had oriental motifs full of color but has been dyed and discolored multiple times. The woolen fleece was completely wiped off and trimmed, and the entire process was carried out by artisans who pass their knowledge down through the generations. Due to the application of these techniques, the carpet gained a completely new character, while maintaining its durability and high quality. The main colors are shiny gold and red, but upon closer inspection, shades of turquoise, green, brown and pink can be seen. The general pattern is not clearly visible, only its remains and abrasions. The pile has been cut quite low, which makes the rug stiff and easy to maintain. These carpets were made in small sizes, so they can be successfully used in combination with other carpets, in line with the recently fashionable trend carpet on the carpet.

The abrasion and discoloration are a deliberate process, it is preserved in very good condition. We recommend it to lovers of rustic and vintage styles.

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