Modern White Panther German Porcelain 2899 Figurine from Wagner & Apel


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This modern porcelain figure of a white panther was produced by the German manufacture Wagner & Apel in Lippelsdorf, German Thuringia in the second half of the 20th century. Cataloge number: 2899. Figurine has underglaze painting. This is an ancient technique of decorating porcelain, invented during the reign of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty (1279–1368). After drying, the porcelain dish is covered with patterns or colors using special brushes made of natural bristles. It is a perfectly made panther figure with visible details.

Wagner & Apel Porzellan was a porcelain producer in the small town of Lippelsdorf in the Thuringian Forest. From 1877, the porcelain was made entirely by hand there. The family business was run from generation to generation. Since 1901, Bernhard Wagner, Anton and Bernhard Apel operated under the name of Wagner & Apel. Then, Lippelsdorf porcelain gained fame all over the world. Like all medium-sized enterprises in communist East Germany, Wagner & Apel established a special company at the request of the state. In 1972, the company was completely nationalized and founded under the name Porzellanfiguren Lippelsdorf Porcelain Figurines VEB. Four years later, all porcelain factories in the area were merged. Consequently, the company has lost all its independence as well as the ability to make its own decisions. After the political changes, the descendants of Bernhard Wagner, Ingeborg Seibert and Helga Koch applied for the re-privatization of the factory, which in 1990, became private property.

The figure is in original vintage condition. Signed with cobalt. Below the crown of the letter WA, there is an impression Degli and No. 2899.

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