Mid-Century Modern Polish Porcelain Panther Figurine by Mieczyslaw Naruszewicz from Ćmielów, 1960s


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This porcelain Panther figurine was designed by Mieczysław Naruszewicz for the Polish Porcelain Factory in Ćmielów during the 1960s. The Panther is white with a black back and spotted black painting. The figurine was finished in overglaze painting technique. On the bottom there is a green stamp with the letter “Ć” in a triangle and the inscription: ĆMIELÓW MADE IN POLAND and painting number: C-216-734. The figures from Ćmielów represent the style of the so-called New Look or the Thaw period, characterized by biomorphic lines, asymmetry and abstract patterns.

Mieczysław Naruszewicz was born in 1923 in Warsaw. He died in 2006. He was a Polish artist, sculptor and industrial designer. He was one of the main designers of Ćmielów figurines at the Institute of Industrial Design. He is the author of 44 models. He primarily designed animal figures, with particular emphasis on birds. By simplifying the presented figures, he limited the number of points of support by joining the animals’ limbs.

The Porcelain Factory in Ćmielów belongs to one of the oldest Polish companies. The factory in Ćmielów was established in 1790 by a guild association of potters from Ćmielów and Opatów. It gained great popularity in the mid-19th century. Even after World War II, as a state-owned enterprise, it delighted with its service patterns and figures. The company was privatized in 1997, and after merging with the factory in Chodzież in 2013, it is still very active.

The figurine is in perfect vintage condition.


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