Vintage Minimalist German Black Leather 2-Seater Conseta Sofas by F. W. Möller for COR, 1980s, Set of 2


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This set of two Conseta leather sofas was designed by Friedrich Wilhelm Möller and manufactured in Germany by COR in the late of 20th century. In the early 1960s, Friedrich Wilhelm Möller developed a pioneering upholstered furniture system. Conseta – a name derived from the Latin consedere, which means ”sit together”. It was and continues to be the perfect symbiosis of a holistic system. Over the decades, Conseta grew quietly but powerfully into an international bestseller and a design classic. Timelessness and at the same time modernity. This piece was covered in black leather with natural patina. It has loose cushions and square upholstered armrests.

COR was founded in 1954 by Helmut Lübke and Prince Bentheim-Tecklenburg in North Rhine-Westphalia – in the heart of the East Westphalia-Lippe furniture region. When the royal co-founder left the company in the 1980s, the family became the sole owner of COR. This made them far-sighted, reliable and dedicated to exceptional quality as they took pride in the company’s growth. The name comes from the region of Rome. COR is the Latin word for heart. It was chosen because the coat of arms of the royal co-founder contained three hearts. People follow their hearts when furnishing their homes. Conseta is one of the classics of sofas in the world and has not lost its popularity for over fifty years.

The set is in original vintage condition with traces of age, minor scrapes, deforms and a natural patina. The seat is at a height of 39 cm.

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