Original Vintage Scandinavian Modern 3-Seater Senator Sofa and Chair by Ole Wanscher for Cado, 1960s, Set of 2


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This elegant Senator lounge set, consists of a three-seater sofa and armchair, was designed by Ole Wanscher for the Danish Cado manufacture in the 1960s. The frame is made of wood in dark chocolate colour. The backrest is characterized by an interesting shape, and the profiling of this element makes the set extremely comfortable. The loose dark olive-colored cushions are upholstered in an original, thick fabric. The combination of the organic form of the piece with the colors of the frame and pillows emphasizes the sophisticated aesthetics.

Ole Wanscher was born in 1903 in Copenhagen. He was a Danish architect and designer and a key player in the mid-century Danish modernist movement. In the post-war era, the simple and refined aesthetics he achieved by reinventing the classic forms helped define Scandinavian design, and many of his works became the staple of Scandinavian homes. Wanscher studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under the famous architect-designer Kaare Klint. Upon graduation, Wanscher worked with Klint from 1924 to 1927, and upon his death he was appointed to Klint’s professorship at the academy – a position he held until his retirement in 1973. Like Klint, Wanscher disagreed with the modernist approach, rejecting the past entirely, and preferred to explore a classic but minimal aesthetic based on a careful study of the human body. Wanscher was also heavily influenced by Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian designs – which he encountered on many journeys – as well as movements such as the Viennese Art Nouveau, Biedermeier, and Shaker.

Cado started out as a modernist furniture manufacturer France & Søn, which was founded by British entrepreneur Charles W. France and Danish carpenter Eric Daverkosen around 1948 in Denmark. The company entered a new phase when successful Danish designer Poul Cadovius took ownership between 1964 and 1967. The iconic Senator chair by Ole Wanscher – along with many designs by Grete Jalk, Finn Juhl and Arne Vodder – produced by Cado until the late 1960s is their exclusive showpiece.

Set is in original vintage condition with slight scrapes and signs of wear. The seat height is 44 cm. Armchair height 79 cm | width 68 cm | depth 64 cm | seat height 44 cm

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