Vintage Rare Mid-Century Modern Italian Walnut Sideboard with Copper Front & Metal Base, 1970s


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This modernist sideboard comes from Italy and was made during the 1970s. The chest is made of walnut wood with a rare, highly valued grain. The characteristic swirls and matting of the grain lines, together with the deep colors, create the illusion of an alternately shimmering wood pattern. The colors are deep, as a result the wood is elegance and nobility, and flashes of other shades make it extraordinary. The front consists of three sliding doors. The pair was finished in a black matt color. This piece has round handles. The middle panel is covered with a original copper relief that has been applied to a bakelite board. The base is made of a black metal.

The sideboards has been partially restored keeping it’s natural patina. This is a piece of furniture finished according to the rules of the Upcycled Vintage course. Its form is original and dates from the 20th century, but the final finish has been changed by artistic invention or composition of parts from different original object. All treatment are performed by traditional methods, are consistent with the aesthetic of the age from which the furniture comes from and support the Zero Waste idea.

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