Original Vintage Huge Industrial Oak Architect Cabinet with Multiple Drawers, 1930s


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This huge drawer cabinet was manufactured in Austria during the 1930s. It is made of three kinds of wood: oak, elm and hornbeam. Oak wood is considered a royal material for a reason – even after several centuries, furniture made of oak looks like new, gaining nobility and depth of color every year. Elm wood is used for the production of boats and underground elements, and hornbeam is used wherever ductility, flexibility, hardness, impact and friction resistance are required. As a result, the entire structure is very heavy, solid and resistant to moisture. The cabinet has 24 long drawers with burned Roman numerals. The handles were made of metal. The piece of furniture comes from an architectural studio and was used to store drawings, designs, photographic films and maps. This design is perfect matched to lofts and raw, industrial interiors, where space is the most important.

This piece is in original vintage condition with visible traces of age. It has scratches, scratches, chips and natural patina on the wood. The furniture is preserved in original vintage condition with visible signs of age and wear. Abrasions and cavities are caused by the passage of time and give the whole extraordinary character.

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