Vintage Mid-Century Modern Swiss Leather Swivel Office Chair Pascal by Karl Dittert for Giroflex, 1970s


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This chair was manufactured in Switzerland by Giroflex during the 1970s. It is believed that this piece was designed by Gordon Russel and others believe it by Martin Stoll. It has a wrap around walnut back and a polished aluminum base. The chair is on wheels, is on a base, and is adjustable vertically and horizontally via a suspension system. The spring is fully functional, the seat height is up to 60 cm, and the chair height up to 98 cm. This chair is very comfortable and meets the needs of the human anatomy. More than 140 years ago Albert Stoll I became a manufacturer in Koblenz, Switzerland. To this day the Stoll Giroflex AG that arose from this entrepreneurial spirit develops and produces its seating furniture in the same municipality. Quality is an attitude that manifests itself in the product. Giroflex chairs are high quality products and make quality in every respect. In materials and workmanship, in technologies for comfort and in ease of use. Thanks to the high degree of vertical integration and its own development, Giroflex can uncompromisingly maintain its quality standards.

This armchair is in original vintage condition with traces of use. The leather is in very good way but it has a scratches on the wooden parts. It has a patina on one armrest and scuff marks on the back, as shown on photos.

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