Rare Bauhaus Minimalist Art Deco German White Porcelain & Chrome Jug from Bauscher Weiden, 1920s

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The representative of the harmonization of the ideas of the Bauhaus School and the Art Deco style: a ceramic jug with a chrome casing that keeps the heat. The vessel comes from the German Bauscher factory. This factory was founded in 1881 by brothers August and Conrad Bauscher in the city of Weiden. She specialized in making hotel porcelain, which was unusual and unique for its time. All Norddeutscher Lloyd ships had Bauscher porcelain on their luxurious decks. Our jug ​​was created half a century later and represents the design of the 1920s.

The combination of white with chrome, a minimalist composition, functionality through the use of internal insulation are characteristic points of the Bauhaus style. The still current slogans, i.e. less is more and the form results from the function, perfectly describe our jug. The whole thing is complemented by celluloid coasters and a matching top handle. The lid is closed with a metal hinge. The porcelain kettle is independent of the structure and can be pulled out. As for its nearly 100-year-old age, it is kept in very good condition. There are no cavities or dents. The chrome casing has scratches visible at an angle, but this cannot be avoided when used.

German designers have a patent for making a jug with insulation and a lid that can be closed in this way. In addition to the glazed Bauscher Weiden mark, the abbreviation D.R.P. or Deutsches Reichspatent. This means that the brand was the direct owner of the patent. This makes our item unique, noteworthy and a real opportunity for fans of pre-war design.

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