Pair of Vintage Mid-Century Modern Office Desk Chairs by Charles Pollock for Comforto, 1970s



This pair of office armchairs was designed by Charles Pollock for the German manufacturer Comforto during the 70s. The seats are made of durable brown plastic and high-quality olive-colored fabric. A swivel leg or high armrests are the attributes of the furniture, which is to ensure comfort during long use. They were created with office workers in mind.

Charles Randolph Pollock was born in 1930 and died in 2013. He was an American industrial designer who created elegant furniture, most notably an office chair connected by a single aluminum rim that became known as the Pollock chair. Introduced in 1963 and still in production, this iconic chair became a staple in U.S. offices in the 1960s and can be seen on the Mad Men television series, as well as at institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After serving in the US Army for two years as Art Editor for INFANTRY Magazine, Pollock worked with George Nelson at Herman Miller. In 1958 he left Nelson’s office and joined Florence Knoll. The designs created there were an achievement in terms of structure and aesthetics, and the chairs remain a Knoll classic to this day.

Comforto is a German furniture manufacturer that has been producing office furniture since 1863. Pollock also designed a similar model for Knoll Int. Both chairs have become icons of design.

This armchairs are in original vintage condition. The pieces have scrapes and patina. The seat is 45 cm high.

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