Vintage Scandinavian Modern TV-Kanna Thermos by Carl-Arne Breger for Husqvarna Borstfabrik, 1962



This TV-Kanna Signatur thermos was designed in 1962 by Carl-Arne Breger for the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna Borstfabrik. A thermos is made of orange-red plastic with a black bottom. The handle and lid are made of solid teak. The inlet is designed in such a way that a coffee or tea filter can be attached directly.

Carl-Arne Breger was born on August 29, 1923 in Trelleborg. He died on January 15, 2009 in Malmö. He was a Swedish industrial designer who became famous for mainly designing plastic items. He was educated at Konstfack in Stockholm in 1943-1948. In 1953 he was hired as a designer for Stig Lindberg at the Gustavsberg porcelain factory. He designed, among others, the best-selling Gustavsberg model 525 sink and many everyday plastic items, such as a square bucket from which it was easy to pour water. In 1960, he won’t the Best Plastic Product of the 1950s, and Breger himself received the epithet Mr. Plastic. In 1959 he opened his own company Breger Design in Malmö. There he designed many objects that are design classics today that existed and still exist in many Swedish households. His most famous plastic product is a carved styrene water jug, which is a sought-after collector’s item today. The Juice Press duo, designed for Gustavsberg in 1967, is another Breger classic purchased by the Museum of Modern Art. Breger called himself a master of versatility and created functional items. He was very pleased with the Diavox phone for LM Ericsson in 1975. It became Televerket first standard push button telephone and was exported to many countries. Over the years, almost 3,000 products have left the drawing boards at Breger Design.

This thermos is in original vintage condition. Fully functional, it keeps warm for many hours. It has normal signs of use.

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